Fantastic List of Guest Speakers

Every year, we are really fortunate to have fantastic writers and filmmakers come to our campuses at Amherst College and Stanford University to speak to our students.  This year is no different!

We are so thankful for these men and women who are traveling far and wide to speak to our students about their work.  We are eager to have them join the great discussions we’ll be having this year. 

  • Chris Columbus
  • Da Chen
  • Laura Dave
  • Anita Diamant
  • Barry Eisler
  • Joseph J. Ellis
  • Timothy Ferris
  • Robin Hessman
  • Garrison Keillor
  • Aaron Lansky
  • Dennis Lehane
  • Jacob Lewis
  • Cammie McGovern
  • Peter Straub
  • Susan Straub
  • Alan Zweibel

For more information about any of our guest speakers, click on the Guest Speaker tab above.

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