Jacob Lewis comes to Amherst

Jacob Lewis came to speak to the Great Book Summer Program.  He is the cofounder and CEO of a website called Figment. Figment is a place for young writers to share their work with a larger audience and receive feedback for it. The site generally targets teens, but there is no age limit. Colleges even use this for their creative writing classes.

Mr. Lewis, while soft spoken, was very open to answering all kinds of questions with the same respect regardless of the age of the speaker. Jacob used a question and answer format to keep the audience entertained and engaged. When asked by a camper in the senior program how one would go about designing a website geared for young adults, he simply responded, “Don’t patronize.” Mr. Lewis knew that young adults like to be treated as equals and that is exactly what his website conveys.

Mr. Lewis was very willing to give advice to all of us.  For example, when asked about a career in journalism he replied that, “journalism is about doing and getting the experience to get people to tell their story.”  If you are interested in finding out more, check out his website www.figment.com and even try to contact him!  In general, the reactions to his talk were positive.  A lot of the campers said he was engaging and that they were eager to make accounts.

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