Garrison Keillor Makes a Special Skype Visit to GBSP

By Anastasia Czarnecki

Last Tuesday, acclaimed radio personality and humorist Garrison Keillor joined our camp via Skype. He hosts the radio show “A Prairie Home Companion,” has written many short stories and articles for magazines as well as some popular novels, including the Lake Wobegone novels.

After ten minutes of heroically fighting technically difficulties, we eventually settled on the much more appropriate method of talking to him – simply through voice. He spoke with much hilarity on the subjects of comedy and the role of radio in modern times, and when confronted with the question of whether or not TV would truly kill the radio, he responded that radio will never die because it is steady whereas TV is too dazzling. His good humor lasted throughout the entire speech and as one camper in particular says, “His jokes about Kafka had me in hysterics.”

Garrison Keillor’s books can be found online or in your local bookstore, his radio show airs Saturdays on NPR from 5-7 pm. We truly enjoyed having a chance to speak with such an acclaimed humorist at Great Books.


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