Contemporary Authors Reflect on Classics: Oxford Classics in Bryant Park

great expectations

Every summer, Oxford University Press and New York City’s Bryant Park partner in a summer reading series, Word for Word Book Club.  The program, which is at 12:30 pm every Tuesday from now until August 10th, features contemporary writers leading discussions on their favorite classic book.

The Bryant Park Reading Room offers free copies of book club selections while supply lasts, compliments of Oxford University Press. On Tuesday 24 June 2014, Maura Kelly, author of Much Ado About Loving, led a discussion on Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. If you missed it live and in-person, here is a post by Kelly featured on the OUP blog and where she states that the book has the best title ever, that Pip is a combination of Gatsby and an Austen heroine, and shares why the book gains more and more meaning the older and more experienced the reader becomes.

Do you agree with Kelly’s take on Great Expectations?  If you were hosting a book club on an Oxford Classic, which would it be and why?

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