Nerd of the Month for January

Stanford Academic Director, Noah Rosenblum, shares a few nerdy fun facts while writing his dissertation.

10628521_10152741224250555_8244418453837175151_nName: Noah Rosenblum

What are you doing now: Answering the Nerd of the Month questionnaire! Also, not writing my dissertation.

Relationship to Great Books: Longtime Academic Director.  Before that, I was a PA.

Nerdy fun fact: I can whistle all the airs to that infernal nonsense Pinafore.

Nerdiest Attribute: My glasses.

Favorite book: Augustus, by John Williams

What I’m reading right now: Supreme Power, by Jeff Shesol

How many (and which) fictional/dead languages do you speak? Ancient Greek, which I always thought was a dead language, but has turned out to be fictional.

10580096_10152741235605555_3539266814260515075_n (1)

Favorite/least favorite word? Favorite: wrest.  Least favorite: limpid.

Which nerd in history would you most like to have a late brunch with? Hannah Arendt.

Who was your first fictional crush? Caddy Woodlawn.

Which author would you want to write your story? Flannery O’Connor.


Who would win in a fight between
Dumbledore’s Army vs. the Avengers?

Please, really? DA without a doubt.

What question would you like to ask next month’s Nerd of the Month?

Can the movie ever be better than the book?

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