Announcing a Fourth Week at Stanford: Bad Books Week, 7/12- 7/18

We are excited to announce that we’ll finally be getting that fourth week at Stanford University! Join us for a week of literary exploration and discussion, as we dive into a carefully curated curriculum of Bad Books and Bad Ideas including:


Power Posing For Classics Majors, taught by Gabe Baker and Jonathan Nathan

The Mediocre Gatsby, F.Scott Fitzgerald

The Totally Unremarkable Toll Booth, Norton Juster

Prejudice, Jane Austen

Low Expectations, Charles Dickens

The Taker, Lois Lowry

The Grapes of Apathy, John Steinbeck

For Whom the Bell Doesn’t Toll, Ernest Hemingway

The Perfectly Visible Man, Ralph Ellison

The Scarlet Pimple, Baroness Orczy

Jeff, by Virginia Woolf

Shooting an Elephant, George Orwell

Take part in exciting elective classes including:


Elle Wong will be returning to Stanford to teach her exciting and controversial math class.

Story Hour The Great Books Shovel

Thomas Hopper and the Great Books Shovel

Air Instrumentals

Poetry for Business Owners


Storytelling: The Saga of the Great Books Shovel

Power Posing for Classics Majors

Judging a Book by its Cover

Uncreative Writing

Lip Syncing

Happy April Fool’s Day!

…and more…

Mike Harrington slated to teach "Poetry for Business Owners"

Mike Harrington to teach “Poetry for Business Owners,” at Stanford

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