Last Minute, Book Nerdy Halloween Costumes

Don’t have your Halloween costume yet? Halloween is only a few days away, but fear not: these last-minute costume ideas are sure to make you the bookish life of the party.
If You Give Mouse a Cookie: Wear mouse ears and overalls. Demand cookies, and reward your Halloween party host by cleaning their entire house, taking a nap, and never leaving. Moose/muffin, pig/pancake, dog/donut, cat/cupcake variations acceptable but less likely to be recognized.

Audiobook: Pick a book you don’t mind reading out loud all night. Dress either as a character from that book, or with a blazer and glasses to look professorly. Hang a giant cardboard cassette tape or CD or iPod around your neck (depending on the age of your party demographic) with the title of the book and a “play” button. Carry a copy of the book around, and be prepared to read from it whenever anyone hits play.

Ishmael: Get a “Hello my name is…” sticker. Write Ishmael on it. Seaworthy dress encouraged. (suggestion courtesy of longtime camper Hannah B.)
Giant Alice in Wonderland: Wear a blue dress and striped stockings. Decorate a small cardboard box to look like a cottage, and fit it over your head.
Cloudy_with_a_Chance_of_Meatballs_(book)Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Hang meatballs from an open umbrella with fishing wire. Try not to poke anyone in the eye.

We also suggest checking out these wonderful, literal literary costumes from Book Riot. Our favorite:

The Grapes of Wrath –  Supplies: clothes of your choice, but preferably green. 10 or more balloons, either all green or all purple. A marker. Directions: Blow up the balloons. Draw angry faces on them. Secure them to your clothes.” Read more here!

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