Nerd of the Month: January 2016

Meet Trevor Stankiewicz, J.D. Salinger and Taylor Swift aficionado, actor, playwright, Stanford Program Assistant, and our first Nerd of the Month of 2016!

TrevorMicName: Trevor Stankiewicz or Tree Stank

Current life status: I just graduated from Cornell and I am currently living in Brooklyn, NY! I wrote a play about the genocide in Darfur, and it was just produced off-Broadway at The Cherry Lane Theater. In February, I’ll be traveling to Sudan and Ethiopia to perform the play as well. (To learn more about The Darfur Compromised or to help them fund their projects abroad, visit their crowdfunding page.)

Relationship to Great Books: Stanford PA in the glorious summer of 2015

Nerdy fun fact: I won the Continental Math League Award for the State of New Jersey when I was in 3rd grade. I peaked too early.

Nerdiest attribute: I think I have very nerdy hands. I’m not quite sure what I mean by that, but it is my answer.

Favorite book: Franny and Zooey!

Currently reading: American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I also just finished A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, and since I’m only like 50 pages into American Gods, I currently feel much more connected to A Monster Calls. So this is my way to answer honestly but also throw some nerd love to Patrick Ness. Not that he needs or wants it.

Languages spoken: I speak Old English, and my focus at Cornell was actually Medieval Studies. This has less to do with my interest in Medieval Studies and more to do with a crush I had on a Medieval Studies graduate student.

First fictional crush: My gut is saying Holly Golightly, but that might be more an Audrey Hepburn thing. Can I pick Audrey Hepburn? I know she’s not fictional, but she died like a month after I was born.

Which author would you want to write your story?: Stephen King, for sure. You either get a crazy horror story, or he goes Shawshank or Green Mile with it, and Frank Darabont makes it into a beautiful movie. Starring Tom Hanks as Trevor Stankiewicz.

Hardcover or paperback?: It’s all about that paperback life. Maybe it’s because I’m an irresponsible 20 year old and can’t be trusted with nice things, but my books need to be mobile. Also, my favorite place to read is on the beach, and I’m just not ready to expose my hardcover books to the harsh salty air that sea life exudes.

TrevorTheaterIf you were building the perfect literary debate team, which three authors would you nominate for your team?: My first pick would be Harper Lee because she created Atticus Finch, who upon second thought might be my actual first fictional crush. My second pick would be J.D. Salinger because Zooey is one of the best debaters and most critical characters I’ve ever experienced in literature. Rounding out the team would be Dr. Seuss as a wildcard.

What’s the best point of view for narration (first-person, omniscient, second person plural, etc.)?: My favorite narrator would be Lemony Snicket in his Series of Unfortunate Events, and he uses omniscient. The omniscient narrator, especially that omniscient narrator, creates such a great opportunity for comedy and irony between the reader and the characters.

What question would you like to ask future Nerds of the Month?: Who is the most misunderstood character in literature?


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